Saturday, March 10, 2012

What's Hot and What's Not: Shoes

I have always been a big fan of pumps. I wish that the arch and form of my feet could allow me to wear more of them but at least this does not stop me from writing.

What's Not Hot: 15 cm/6'' Pumps

This is one of the cases in which more is not better. Wearing pumps makes female legs attractive only as long as their owner can actually WALK with them.

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As if it is not bad enough that you are effectively standing on your toes (hopefully only for a couple of hours during the evening), the pressure on your ankles can cause a serious injury. It has been frequently said that beauty requires sacrifice but this should not be taken to mean that women should sacrifice their ankles for an extra inch or tow that is rarely noticed. Unless you participate in an S&M party, wearing 6 inches is unnecessary torture that will come back to haunt you and if you want to spent a respectable amount of time on your toes - the local yoga class is definitely a far better option. 

Furthermore, being 5.7 (173 cm), I have noticed that if you are above 5.8 (176 cm) with your heels, you are already as tall as some of the men (at least in Southern Europe) and there is nothing that bothers a man's ego as much as dating a woman that is taller than them. It's genetically programmed in men to expect to be taller than their partners - just remember how Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's marriage ended. Unless you are below 5.3 (158), wearing 6 inch pumps would not help you look more attractive in the eyes of the opposite gender.

What's Hot: Finding the Right Shoes

Not all shoes are created equal. The arches of the feet of women differ. Some can tolerate 4-4.5'' (10-12 cm), some (like yours truly) find everything above 3'' (7.5 cm) a torture. What fits your feet is relative. So jumping after the next fashion trend that tells you to wear 6 inches and pray you would not fall on the street, is just stupid. Take you time to find the type of stilettos and heels that make your arches feel comfortable instead of hanging in the air. The market is filled with different kind of shoes for every taste, do not sacrifice your comfort in walking (and possibly your back in the long run) just to blindly follow fashion trends. Trends are important but personal style is even more important.

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Inspiration for this post: Victoria Beckham at the Royal Wedding last April

Pregnant and on very high pumps!? Not only do those kind of shoes put the baby in danger but pregnancy is putting enough pressure on your ankles anyway to aid it with having an unstable support from your heels.  Even if you are not carrying a baby, this pair of shoes is definitely not a good combination with Vicki's dress - the contrast between the free flowing dress and the stilettos is not a welcome one.

Do you agree with Victoria Beckham's fashion choice?

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