Saturday, March 10, 2012

The World after TV:The Grid

Ok, this was started as a blog about sports so as the Formula 1 season start looms close, I'll be slowly getting back on track with the sports side of "Movies and Sports." Today while browsing for F1 info, I came across a great online show about everything motorsport. It is called "The Grid." It is one of those shows tha make me think that (offline) TV is indeed dying.

Episode 1

The show is hosted by Neil Cole and Kevin Shepherd. Neil runs the blog Motorsport Bloke, while Kevin is a stand-up comedian and a podcaster for Another F1 Podcast. The two spent most of the time discussing the off-season gossip in F1 like Lewis Hamilton's peculiar choice of facial hair and the ugly/crazy nose designs for F1 2012. They were joined via Skype by former British rally driver Andrew Coley who will is running the rally-side of the show. Cole and Shepherd's jokes on the noses and the new female driver in GP3 where so outrageous that they made me cry. Definitely a must see for all that suffer from F1-withdrawal syndrome.

Episode 2

The best part of the second episode of The Grid is Kevin's description of his first NASCAR viewing experience. Priceless! Montoya's crash takes center stage - not unlike his Formula 1 days. Thankfully, now we have Lewis H doing the same job so we do not miss the crazy Colombian on this side of the pond but it's great to see that he still has what it takes to set a car on fire. 

Episode 3

This is the latest episode of Neil and Kevin's new gig. It is dominated by talk about Ferrari's somewhat dismal performance in testing. The two host are joined by the Italian sports journalist Tancridi Palmea. Palmea's take on Ferrari and Luca di Montezemollo make the third episode almost as funny as the first one. By this episode Kevin seems to (not surprisingly) have given up trying to watch NASCAR races.

The Grid is broadcasted every Tuesday on the Youtube channel Sports Tonight Live. If I could get in touch with the producers, I'd suggest that they also broadcast the show as a live Hangout on Air in Google Plus. Otherwise for F1 fans I have just one conclusion - this seems even better than the BBC studios last year!

If you have already seen the first three episodes of The Grip, what did you like the most?

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