Sunday, March 25, 2012

It Just Had to Happen: Alonso and Grigor Dimitrov

I'll follow up with my regular post about the F1 race later (I have a final, an assignment due, and the Malaysian Grand Prix was quite eventful). I just need to say this: sometimes it is hard not to believe in fate in sports or is it motivation?

Grigor Dimitrov

Image Copyrights: Zimbio

The 20-year old Bulgarian prodigy achieved the biggest success in his professional career today by defeating the seventh seed Thomas Berdych in the Miami Masters. Already by far the most successful Bulgarian male tennis player, Grigor had never previously defeated a Top 10 player in an ATP event (his only success against a Top 10 player was in the ITF 2012 Hopman Cup) and was a massive underdog at 101 in the ATP rankings. Grigor's first attempt at stardom was back in 2009 exactly against Berdych. The teenager won a remarkable three-set game back then in Rotterdam. Then, in January 2012, Berdych and Dimitrov met once more - in an extremely even game, Berdych managed to win in three-sets and prevent Bulgaria from sneaking the tie and the group win from the Czech Republic in the Hopman Cup.

It seems that we were destined for a three-setter once more. Grigor had started to become famous for his very beautiful losses - games in which he played well but just could not quite deliver at the end. Not this time! This time, despite back pains and an unreliable first serve, Grigor stated tough and managed to close the third set. I tend to think that back in January, after narrowly losing against the Czech, he just said to himself - NO MORE! It just had to be Berdych to complete the circle from a teenage prodigy to maybe a rising star!? Tipsarevic is up next for the young Bulgarian. Can he continue delivering in style against Top 10 players?

Fernando Alonso

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Today, Fernando Alonso's Ferrari also put him as a massive underdog for the win. His abilities, however, did not. He needed one fortunate pitstop and careful tire management to snatch the victory away from McLaren. Driving on the edge of the possibilities of the car, Alonso achieved his first victory since last summer. After the first two races he is also the season leader in F1 with 35 points, five in hand from Hamilton (30 points). Yes, there are a lot of races to go (18!) and the Ferrari is quite weak (the best grid position for the season was Nando's P8 today) but just maybe this will not be the year in which Vettel becomes the youngest triple world champion. Maybe it will be the year in which Fernando does so. As for the race, it seemed destined to happen exactly in Malaysia. On the same track, five months ago, the world of motorsport lost the young Italian star Marco Simoncelli.

Before the Malaysia Grand Prix, Ferrari chose to honor him by taking a picture with the sign "SIC - always with us" (SIC are Mario's race initials) in the corner in which Marco lost his live. Ferrari just had to win on Sepang to honor the memory of Marco. 

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