Thursday, March 22, 2012

F1 Themed Haiku

We are midway through the week between two races so I decided to post some F1 inspired haiku.

Ferrari & The Australian Grand Prix
Black horse, red horseman.
A morning full of hope,
awaits down under?
Image Copyrights: Viva F1

Ferrari, Red Bull, Schumi & The Australian Grand Prix
The red sunrise flash,
the renaissance of the bull,
or the king's return?
Image Copyrights: Auto Car Information

The Australian Grand Prix 
It lies down under,
the land of sand and asphalt,
where dreams are born.
Image Copyrights: Totally Cool Pix

PS: The new episode of The Grid is posted on Youtube. Go check ir out, some rumors of Massa being given the boot are circulating.


  1. Hi Dessislava Jeleva,

    I have put a link to your Blog on Marco's Formula 1 Page ( under "Other Blogs".


    Marco's Formula 1 Page

    1. Hi Marco,

      I have done the same for Marco's Formula 1 Page under Favorite Websites.