Monday, February 27, 2012

What's Hot and What's Not: The Oscars

The Oscars are usually the biggest fashion event of the year - especially if there are designers/stars brave enough demonstrate unique sense of style. Regretfully, the truly remarkable pieces of fashion during the 84th Academy Awards were quite few, instead we got a lot of really scary-looking skinny stars. 

What's Hot?
Being Unique

Leslie Mann's Roberto Cavalli dress blended a disco look with traditional red carpet cut without going into extremes. It just had enough of each to make Leslie Mann appear mature and stylish at the same time. The set up could have been also nicely matched with a prominent necklace. Mann's disco teamed dress was the only one that was not overly-flashy. I would love to see this one under the night sky.

Leslie Mann
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Berenice Bejo's Haircut

While her husband was busy winning the most prestigious Academy Awards with "The Artist" (i.e. Best Picture and Best Director), Berenice managed to demonstrate a unique haircut that is both simple and stylish. It would have benefited from a little bit of "sparkle" in the hair (i.e. jewelry or highlights) but even as it is it still light years away from the "tried" and "recycled" look of most of the other red carpet stars. 5 stars for Berenice's hairdresser.

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What's Not Hot?

After Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston's untimely deaths there was a public outburst that their prior drug-induced misbehavior was actually a cry for help. Well, the red carpet shape of some of Hollywood's stars this year is also a cry for help. There is another problem among the stars that has nothing to do with drugs and pills - it is anorexia. The bigger issue, however, is that not only are they mistreating their own bodies but they are influencing a lot of young girl on their approach to food, diet, and healthy lifestyle. 

Angelina Jolie

Angelina should not wear anything that even remotely reveals her legs or arms. If she loses a little bit more weight, she might shrink completely. It's scary to think how such a naturally beautiful women can appear so unhealthy. The only excuse to have knees and elbows in this shape, is to be suffering from food deprivation - with her fortune, this is definitely not the issue. Furthermore, the form of the dress actually underlined rather than tone down Angie's problem. Recently, it seems as if somebody has artificially sewed her head to the body of somebody else.

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Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne does not fair a lot better with Vivian Westwood's black disco dress. She is really skinny and frankly also quite flat so wearing black from the waist up should not be an option from her. I dream about the old days in which colors were actually used to optically reveal (or hide) what is necessary to be shown (or avoided). Byrne's head also looks enormous atop her tiny torso.

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Giuliana Rancic

There is one simple rule for skinny and flat women - never wear low waist dresses. The missing waist outline just further emphasizes the lack of femininity in their bodies. A far better solution is an "Empire" dress that optically magnifies even small busts. Just as with Jolie and Byrne - huge head on top of a small body is cute only if you are a baby.

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Rooney Mara

So much wasted potential! Mara's dress is actually quite nice but not in combination with her extremely skinny neck and shoulders. Just like the other four stars in this session - Rooney's face made me think of concentration camp survivors.

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No, a star or a model is not just a hanger for clothes!!! Anorexia should not be encouraged during public events.

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