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The TV Triangle: True Blood

The last post was about two vampires and a human and so it this one. What can I say - fantasy is not the strongest side of recent vampire-obsessed literature and TV. The main characters here are the human waitress/mindreader Sookie Stackhouse and the (fatally) attractive vampires Bill Compton and Eric Northman.

Sookie, Bill and Eric

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Sookie met the Civil War veteran Bill Compton during the first episode of the series and has been on and off with him ever since. He was actually her first man. Everything was peachy until Sookie got to meet Bill's boss the 1000 year-old viking Eric. Northman was initially attracted to Sookie's mindreading abilities but soon became fascinated by ..mhm.. other parts of her body besides her brain. Both vampires used tricks to make the little blond waitress desire them (as if Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer need those) - they fed her their blood (which in the True Blood universe creates a bond of attraction and shared emotions between the vampire and the human - in Sookie's case these were some very steamy dreams). So Sookie was still dating Bill but she was also pining over the giant viking.

Sookie was just about to get engaged to Bill when they broke up over his dishonesty over his initial interest in her (Compton was sent by the vampire queen of Louisiana to gather intelligence on the blond temptation). And after that she did not need a lot to succumb to her growing attraction to Eric Northman (who can blame her?). Just as the thing were about to start getting normal between her and Eric after a few days of intense lovemaking, Bill had to feed Sookie his blood to save her life. So at the end of season 4, Sookie found herself again attracted to the two vampires in the same time.

Solution: Even though Sookie was dreaming (as in the video above) about a solution in which she could have both of them, at the end of season 4 she desided that it would be best to let both vampires go. It's not over yet, though, because even after that the two of them demonstrated they were willing to rebel against any kind of (vampire) authority to protect Sookie. And it has been a recurring part of this triangle that both vampires are willing to do crazy things to protect the blond mindreader. 
For her own good, Sookie at least knows what she wants, even though she thinks she cannot have it. In comparison, Vampire Diaries's Elena is completely in denial of her feelings for Damon. I wish there was an alternate universe in which Sookie, Bill and Eric could have a peaceful threeway (not that Eric and Bill seem to be completely opposed to sexual relations with their own sex, they just cannot stand the idea to share).

Complication: The complication for this threesome is a real world one - Stephen Moyer (Bill) and Anna Paquin (Sookie) are real life couple (together since the pilot and married since season 2). So Alexander Skarsgard is a little bit like the third wheele there. On the other hand, it seems that Alex and Stephen are really good friends, as Paquin's husband admits that he could hardly trust anybody else as much to do the steamy sex scenes between Sookie and Eric as he does Alex. Even if those steamy moments are no problem for the three of them, it seems that they are problem for the TV show writers that decided to tone down Sookie and Eric's sexual encounters, probably in an effort to spear Stephen's feelings. Additionally, sometimes it is just to obvious how much Paquin and Moyer love each other, it would be quite impossible to imagine her playing Sookie completely devoid of love towards Bill.

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