Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's Hot and What's Not: Cocktail Dresses

What's Hot?
Pink Cocktail Dress

Image Copyrights: Cocktail Dresses Fashion

When everybody is wearing (funeral) black dresses, going to a formal party in a colorful outfit can make you stand out. Especially if it is the middle of the winter and everybody is thinking that only dark blue or black would work. The floral motive and the bracelet go very well together. And no - you do not have to be a bridesmaid to wear it - just to have a young sole :) Be careful with the strapless model though - not everybody has the appropriate neckline for this little gem.

Designer: Jovani

Inspiration: Jane by Design, Season 1, Episode 2

Jane's outfit for the winter formal looked gorgeous enough to be shown on the runway and go to the cocktail party after a fashion show. Being brave in the world of fashion pays off.

Image Copyrights: ABC Family

What's Not Hot?
Just Another Black Dress

The petite dress noir is a fashion classic. This is why everybody has at least 3 or 4 of them in their closet (Your's truely included) . Black dresses are useful because dark colors can hide the extra kilograms here and there but they are definitely NOT ORIGINAL. Chances are that at least 50% of the other guests would have resorted to the same (funeral) color - and there goes the celebrative mood of the event. The one in the picture is cute but at some point - enough is enough.

Inspiration: Carys, Wake (2009)

Carys's grief over the loss of her sister somehow justifies her preference for black clothes. Those of us that have not lost a family member lately, however, should not resort to black for every single formal event.

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