Friday, January 13, 2012

What's Hot and What's Not: Makeup

What's Not Hot?
Excessive Eyeliner

Image Copyrights: How To Make Up

The purpose of putting eye make up is to make the eyes of the owner stand out. This is actually the aim of all makeup tricks - to make certain (attractive) features more prominent. Going over the top on the eyeliner side, however, has exactly the opposite effect. The interesting light blue color of the eyes gets lost in this sea of black eyeliner. Furthermore the blackness underlines the black eyebrows and therefore the conclusion that the model is not naturally blond. To be successful, MAKE THE EYES STAND OUT, NOT THE EYELINER.

Inspiration: Kate Middleton, MA and Duchess of Cambridge

The duchess has been frequently praised for her style but I don't think her makeup choices merit the accolades. The overuse of eyeliner on the top lid makes the eyes of Kate seem smaller than they actually are. Furthermore, there is an overall tired look on face of the young bride (underlined by the eyeliner) that is not a good message to send when the whole world is watching.

Image Copyrights: US Magazine 

What's Hot?
Thin Eyeliner

Image Copyrights: Queen of Heaven Blog

The devil is in the detail. It takes a lot of patience but the final result is a lot more catchy. A simple statement is a lot more telling than trying to show loudly "LOOK AT MY EYES" and hiding them in the process. At the end, it is also more feminine and natural. A thin line shows craftsmanship and genuine style.

Inspiration: Rihanna
The emphasis on the lower lid invites the attention to the charming blue eyes of the popstar and not to the makeup itself. Picking exactly the right is important and it takes practice to stay focused on the right target - to underlie the natural beauty.

Image Copyrights: EvaDivas Make-up Bag Blog

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