Monday, October 17, 2011

RIP Dan Wheldon

RIP Dan Wheldon :(( With all the regulations in Formula 1, you forget how dangerous the race track is. I hope this champion's death is not in vein and it helps his sport to become safer for the participants, the way Senna's did for F1. However, what bothers me is that it seems that drivers dying on the track is not such a big deal in the states: NASCAR, IndyCar. Yes, the speeds are high everywhere but there are avoidable deaths and this is one of them: 34 drivers on the grid is already a recipe for disaster. So long Champion, I hope IndyCar would not perish with you.

Ok, after looking at the accident: they had it coming - there are no safety areas around the track - no sand, no tyres, just the wall. This reminds me of  one of the worst accidents we had in the last 10 years - it was Ralf Schumacher hitting the wall on Indianapolis and here they have the walls everywhere. Horrible! How can they make the drivers race in these conditions?
I completely agree with what Brandell says here.

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