Wednesday, October 26, 2011

AC Milan - Parma 4-1

AC Milan scored 4 goals again tonight to clinch a comfortable win over underperforming Parma. Similarly to the game on Sunday (Lecce-Milan 3-4), an AC midfielder scored a hat-trick (Nocerino). More importantly I see a genuine willingness on the side of the team to fight back after the bad start of the season. There are a lot of people that think that AC Milan managed to clinch a draw on Camp Nou just because of LUCK. Well, I choose to disagree - I see a team of fighters that keep pushing even if all hope seems gone. I'm for once really optimistic for Milan's future in the CL. The team seems to have regained the motivation and the belief in their own abilities that lacked so much last year against Tottenham. I'm not afraid of the challenges to come - bring them on: our Prince and Zlatan will be ready!

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