Sunday, October 23, 2011

RIP Marco

Another sad day in the history of motor sport. Last Sunday, we lost Indicar champion Dan Wheldon and today we mourn MotoGP youngster Marco Simoncelli. So long Marco, rest in peace. I looked back today on what Michael wrote about Dan on his website ( "All of us, we try to convince ourselves constantly that motor sport nowadays is so safe that nobody has to lose his life, but then unfortunately that`s still wishful thinking. I have heard this morning about the terrible accident which caused Dan Wheldon to die, and it just left me shocked and speechless. My thoughts are now with his family."

I sincerely hope that this will be the end of the sad news for the next couple of years because it is too much and I can't stop wonder - "What if? What if this happened in F1?" The last Formula 1 race was just 7 days ago but it seems like forever. The sport is different now and I pray that this sadness does not leave a mark on the India race.

Losing this young cyclist is so terrifying that I couldn't even process the Manchester derby properly. 1-6. I am speechless. It was on Old Trafford and I've never seen them so unable to fight back. The defense was horrible and I'm slowly losing trust in De Gea's ability to wear Van der Saar's gloves.

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