Monday, October 17, 2011

Vettel Wins in Korea

Sebastian Vettel won the Korean GP with a very comfortable margin. He had a great first lap in which he overtook Hamilton (who started from P1 today) and he did not loosen the grip on the victory even for a second after that. But I was really impressed how happy Seb was at the end of the race that he finally managed to get the fastest lap in the race this year. I mean: he has 10 victories, he is already a double world champion even though he is only 23, he guided Red Bull to their second constructor's title. Why would he need the fastest lap so badly? Because this is who Vettel is. Yes, he is a very nice and polite lad but underneath he is a real champion and a fighter.

Watching the post race interview, I remembered why I like the guy so much. At some moments he reminds me of Schumi a LOT but there is also something else - his attitude - he really seems so nice to everybody around the grid. And he is really positive. Schumi always had a little bit of an attitude - when he was younger, he was just too much into the race and too invested in winning. He is different now; he seems to be genuinely happy just being on the track. When he was still fighting for the world championship, just participating was never enough. It seems for Vettel, however, even a small opportunity to prove himself and make the fans happy means a lot.

This also takes me back to the game last night - Ajax's reserve goalie had the same attitude - he was just satisfied to be out there, in front of the fans. It is really great to see that it is not only business, that these certainly well-paid champions are driven by something deeper than money: by a real love for the sport. Those are one of those moments that make every tear, every time your heart stopped during a game or a race totally worth it. Thank you for the smile Seb and keep it always :)

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