Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Make Me More Social

This article includes links to sites that I find useful but can benefit from becoming more social.

  1. The Official Sebastian Vettel Website
    The website provides a lot content that is frequently updated but it looks ancient. There is no opportunity to post comments or publicly like the articles in social media. There is no fan forum. One cannot reach the website administrator in any way to suggest improvements (not even an email address is posted). 
  2. CERN
    The website of CERN provides useful information on the progress of CERN experiments. It also has no social media optimization and the design is extremely outdated. It is quite strange considering that the World Wide Web was born in CERN. The website appearently has had no significant redesign since around that time. 
  3. The Official Michael Schumacher Website
    It has (far) less content than Seb's website but it does include a blog (which was quite novel back in the days of Schumi's first stint in F1). The website has all the problems of Vettel's -  no social or feedback capabilities. 
A website without social components is no better than a TV channel. The (digital) world is changing, however, and the way PR is handled online should aslo change.

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