Saturday, November 12, 2011

(500) Days of Summer

A boy meets a girl. A boy falls in love. A boy lets the girl go. So what so special about the movie? Everything. It is magical: funny, sad, confusing. 

The cinematography is amazing. There is so much warmth and color. The beautiful Zooey Deschanel shines in every shot. The storyline might be fragmented and out of order but it flows so smoothly from shot to shot. Like pieces of a little puzzle all the elements feet together so perfectly. 

Joseph-Gordon Levitt's Tom falls in love with a girl that is not hard but is hard to keep. It is not something that he does that pushes her away. It is just time. He met her too early. I will always wander what changes her mind so suddenly and completely because just like Tom we never get to see what happened. But this is how it should be: this is Tom's movie, Tom's memories. If we saw something he didn't this would have been cheating and this movie does not cheat. It delivers on its promise to be special. It is out of order, yet everything seems to make sense. Even though as we see from the movie, sometimes love does not.

This film is great at depicting the small things, the details that make us fall in love. A hand, a tattoo, a smile, a song.

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